This blog is written by a 20-something 30-something year-old male living in Coventry Canterbury, England with the aim of highlighting the issues of depression & anxiety with diary-like updates on how the author is coping in life living with said condition. It is also with hope that his experiences will help others who are suffering from similar illnesses, and inform those who have never experienced a mental health condition.

The author also hopes to learn the appropriate circumstances where writing in the third person is acceptable.


Having begun this diary in his mid-20s, the author has since entered a new phase of his existence by turning 30 years old. As the themes and content are still relevant (and for the sake of the lucrative non-existent merchandising rights! /sarcasm) the author has chosen to continue under the original banner of Diary of a Depressed 20-Something.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I too am doing a similar blog. Oddly enough, I’m a 20 something female from Canada. I honestly believe that our posting on such topics will greatly help those in similar situations overcome their own struggles with mental illness. There is always power in numbers and the more people who are aware and familiar of mental illness, the more help people may be able to receive in the future. No one is ever alone with mental illness. From one to another – keep strong. 🙂

  2. Greetings from across the pond! I just stumbled across your blog and as a depressed 20-something with bouts of insomnia who is also in school with people a decade younger, I can definitely relate. I love hearing about your accomplishments and I applaud you for sharing even the really shitty things in life that come with the illness. Stay strong and know that you’re an inspiration to others 🙂

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