Week 64 – The Snowmageddon Retrospective!

I'm getting real tired of your shit, spring

Whatever happened to seasons being, y’know, seasonally? In the UK this week we’ve seen the return of snow, which for us is apocalyptic. Apparently we don’t do well with the white fluffy stuff. Unfortunately for me it serves as a reminder for the last time we had snow just a few short months ago when I lost my best friend. I’ve not been particularly down about it, but it just reminds me of what I’ve lost. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see snow again and not think about that.

Aside from the chaos snow has wrought the last few days; this week has been generally upbeat-y. I’ve been able to wake a lot easier since beginning the Sertraline, but I’ve also noticed it has become more difficult to get to sleep. I’m trying to correct this by keeping a regular schedule, but with all this snow the last few days all I’ve really wanted to do is stay in bed.

College continues to run relatively smoothly. I begin filming an advert tomorrow (Monday) for an assignment. The assignment gave us the option to pick one of 3 products and to then produce a new advert that is different from existing adverts for that item. Suffice it to say if you want me to create a video that’s not been done in advertising I’ll find something in the social cloud/buzz that will be reflected in the video. So yes, the advert will be peas doing a Harlem Shake. Be very afraid.

Fake Shark

I realised the other day that contrary to last year, where I had a note written in my phone to look at to remind me, I don’t actually have a list of my goals. Now, I know I wrote them out at the end of last year and posted them on this blog, but I find it kind of ironic. You begin the year with the best of intentions on how you’re going to move forward with your life, but in the end you lose sight of those goals. For me (or maybe that’s for some of us reading this too) losing sight of goals could ultimately lead into a downward spiral. The funny thing is though, I found after reading them that I actually hadn’t lost sight of them. Somewhere in the back of my mind they were still driving me. Things like “stay in school” or “keep at the gym” are something that I’ve used to structure my life in the wake of the events of January. Then there was the message “Don’t let anything happen this year to stop you from achieving your goals”. I think this is the main one, buried deep in my subconscious, which has kept me moving these past few months.

I also decided that I needed to add another because, in light of recent events, I’ve not been a great friend. I’ve ignored or lost contact with a lot of people that I would prefer to remain in contact with, and I just prioritised (rightly so in some regards) my own needs above everyone elses. So my amendment to goals this year is to, “Keep in better contact with friends”. I’m not certain how I’m going to manage that, but I figure if I can call a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while once a week, or send an email, maybe that’ll go a long way to rebuilding some dilapidated bridges.

Stay classy, San Diego

Whatever doesn't kill me had better start running


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