Week 50

This week's Mayan forcast

So this week has been insane, right?

From my point of view this week has just been the worst. I’ve spent the majority of the week in sheer shock at my friend’s diagnosis (see Week 49) and then this whole thing with the kids in Newtown, Connecticut – it just seems like there’s just so much crap out there at the moment.

With it being Christmas as well in a matter of days doesn’t help someone with any mental health disorder, so the only solution I can find is to be curt about this.

My week has been horrible, but others out there have had an impossible week, and it is weeks like this that you need to be reminded of the good that is in the world – because good things do happen.

So with that said I’m going to leave you with this link to 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity and my obligatory signing off meme.

I hope it restores a little of your faith in the world as it did me.

(Sidebar – Thanks to all the new followers to this blog and a welcome, it really means a lot)

(Sidebar 2 – Fuck the Mayan Apocalypse, I’ll see you back here next Sunday)

2012 Apocalypse Check List


One thought on “Week 50

  1. You’re absolutely right about mental illness around Christmas. It can be a real hard holiday to get through. And the news doesn’t really help. Thanks for the Buzzfeed post, it definitely made me feel a little bit better with Christmas coming up. Try and have a merry Christmas, and you will be sure to hear from me more on my new blog in the New Year. (I will post the link on my old blog). 🙂

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