Week 48

Airplane Coffee Quote

So this is another fly-by-post just to update things. There will also be lots of pretty pictures… Well, funny ones anyway… well, I hope you find them funny.

Unhappy cat Suicide

My mood is a lot better than it was 7 days ago, but looking at things my mood has been stupidly up and down over the last few weeks.

I won’t see my GP for another 2 weeks, but I don’t think it’s a medication issue. There’s been a lot going on, as well as lengthy periods of inactivity. I’m quickly finding that I need to keep myself occupied in order to stay healthy. With college cancelled that provided a lot of time in which nothing would happen, especially with no real work to do or complete for college without some group input.

Also having problems finding funding for the gym has left me with no activity. To the annoying people who say “Well, go out and walk.” – Go fuck yourselves.

Have you watched Pulp Fiction, it's a great film

I’ve been finding ways to keep active, getting out doing things like, shop, or going to college, but it’s not enough. I’m hoping to get some money together this week and pay for a full year’s membership – then I’ll never have to worry about paying for a membership again… at least for anther year.

No work and no play make Jack go something something
No work and no play make Jack go something something

My friend with cancer seems to be doing better. He lost feeling in the right side of his body for a while, but he says (after 2 weeks of suffering) that he’s around 80% back to normal. Also due to the numbness in the right side of his body he had an MRI this week instead of it being put off for another 3 months. The thought among a few of us is that the doctors were worried he had either had a stroke, or that the medication had inflamed the tumours. I’m hoping it was neither and it was just a reaction to the medication that has never been documented in patients before.

So, fingers crossed.

Otherwise, welcome to December, the single most depressing month of the year!

That’s my opinion at least. Christmas and New Year have over the last few years really bummed me out, and often I’ve felt quite low. Last year was better, but even living in a house with 3 other people it’s strange to still feel genuine loneliness at this time of year.


Thanks for stopping by, I’m trying to be more upbeat with this blog, and I am feel more upbeat, but I guess at the moment when I’m reflecting on things I feel fairly negative.

Until next time…

let your past make you better not bitter


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