Weeks 37 & 38

Updates are slowing down once again, but this time it’s actually due to something important. At least, something that’s important to me for once.

College has begun! I’m now 2 weeks in and it’s going well! For those new to this blog I’ve begun studying Creative Media Production (Film & TV Production).Yes, being back in education is scary, and being 10 years older than the majority of the class makes me feel like an old man and a fuck up, but I feel like I’m sailing through. I feel like I know what’s going on, and I understand the course better than I probably would have if I had approached it after secondary school, and what the real world applications of it would be. The course is pretty well constructed thus far; my only real complaint is being mixed with Level 2 students (compared to my Level 3). This is only temporary mind you to gauge whether students are on the correct course for them. What this also means is we’re now doing a crash course in film making. In the first week we wrote a script using a scene one of the tutors wrote as a starting off point. The tail end of this past week has been about storyboarding. All this is in aid for making a 5 minute film. Next week we should hopefully be choosing what scripts we want to make, and the week after begin filming and editing. Yes, that is 3 weeks left to scout locations, scenes, props, costumes, film, and edit. This could be a close one.

So college has been taking up a huge chunk of my life. Thankfully it seems to be helping with motivating me to get up so far in the mornings; I’ve really felt quite active and productive since it began. The only downside is there’s a lot of grogginess still in the mornings that needs solving with coffee, which is terrible when you have 5 minutes to boil a kettle and drink it down before running out the door because you’re running late for the bus!

But seriously, college really has been a great motivator. I’ve not slept later than 13:00 on my days off (which is drastic change if you’ve kept up with this blog), I’ve been more active when I’ve had half days in college – instead of going home and taking a nap I’ve gone to the gym. Ah, the gym. What a wonderful distraction! This place has probably saved my life this year. I think it’s helped get me into better practice, becoming more health conscious.

I’m also spending more time doing things that are important instead of dwindling the hours away on Facebook, Twitter and other websites, playing bullshit games for bullshit kicks.

Between the gym and college life is running nicely. I’ve been social after hours; having participated in playing for the pool team and the local pub quiz with friends, but I also haven’t drank a lot of alcohol! I know, right?! The alcohol to blood ratio has been at its lowest in years! There have been a few occasions this past fortnight where I’ve wanted to go get shitfaced, but I’ve either elected to stay in or calmed my intake.

All in all life is pretty good right now. There are still some issues around the “Two in Two Weeks” fiasco, but I’ll no doubt bring that up at another point if anything drastically manifests.

The biggest stress for me at the moment is my birthday coming up in 2 weeks. I’m being constantly asked by friends about what I’m going to be doing for it. I mention maybe doing one thing and one group turns their nose up, I try to compromise and the other group gets angsty. I’ve been saying this for the last few years but I’d really prefer to do nothing sometimes. I feel like this year may be the first time I actually get my wish. Hooray (he says in his best Zoidberg voice).

Anyways, let’s leave this on a positive note. Education is good. Physical fitness is getting better (apparently I’ve lost 0.5Kg, grown 0.5cm and lost 1cm from my waist in 6 weeks!! *fakes enthusiasm*) My mind is feeling better generally. I’m noticing negative thoughts have been infrequent, only noticing them on days where not much is going on, which kind of says it all really. Yes life is good.

*looks around, waits for the wheel*

Stay classy, WordPress.


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