Week 33

Welcome to week 33, with your host, me!


Mmm, that was a little factitious. So I guess the good news is, after several weeks’ severe melancholy, it seems as if my mood has finally changed. It appears the change has come on gradually, improving over the last 2 or 3 weeks. (Please refer to previous postings here and here) So no, there is no one thing I can specifically pinpoint as being a turning point, but I’m going to say it’s a combination of being active with Active for Health, as well as being more sociable with my family and friends have helped. These can be the hardest things to do when you’re low, and even if you’re low and do these things it doesn’t necessarily mean you will feel better doing this things, but persevering is the key I feel. For me, at times things have at times been really hard, but I learnt this year that having goals/tasks for your day/week is extremely important. Having a routine, even a mediocre one, helps to bring a sense of stability and normality.


So there isn’t much else to talk about to be honest. Being active seems to be paying off. I feel better and think I look better. I’m beginning to worry more about enrollment at college in 4 days, but that’s been in the back of my mind all year anyhow. There are relationship developments and further slips in sobriety, but I’m not quite willing to divulge anything quite yet until some dust settles, proverbially speaking of course. So thanks for stopping by, but apologies for the slow news week. Next weeks will probably be a doozy!

Something to stew on for the week

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