Weeks 20-21

I just wanted to post a brief update this week as I had missed last week. I’ve been going through some hard times internally these past few weeks, getting up and being productive has very difficult. I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied with smaller things, or things I feel are more manageable. We have been having the home redecorated to sell, so between my bedroom and the hallway being gutted I think that has kept me going, if it hasn’t in itself contributed to my low mood.


The weather has also improved in the last week. There is definitely a correlation between low mood and bad weather in my opinion. A bit of sun is always a welcome, but in this country temperatures dive between extremes. For example the day before the good weather set in it was 10°C, with the following day rising to 25°C. Absolutely zero time to acclimatise. I should probably be grateful for the good weather but the truth is I hate the heat. Always have done. I love the sun, I just hate the heat that comes with it.


Anyway, I said this would be brief, and I’m sticking to it. Hopefully in the next week I improve more significantly to write in more depth once again.


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