Week 5

Just a small update really.

This week has been relatively quiet. Had a fair number of appointments to get through. Things with the CAB went well. I need to get a bit of information for them, but after contacting Revenue & Customs I seemed to hit a dead end. I’m waiting for a response from my contact at the CAB, but it’s been a few days, so I guess I’ll have to phone him this week.

I have an interview for college tomorrow. My entire body is crossed hoping I get through.

I finally got back in touch with Spectrum/Rethink. After a lengthy meeting I think we’ve got a great agenda set to help me with work for the next few months. I’ll keep you posted on that.

The social front has been quiet this week. Had a pool league match Monday that resulted in a draw. Our team is doing we considering we’re a bunch of novices. Hopefully next season we will be in with a chance of promotion.

I also watched the American Super Bowl! That was interesting! Had a few beers with a friend of mine where we tried to understand the rules of the game. We really enjoyed it, in what we both believed was a very close game.

Generally my mood has been good. No major swings. Felt down a few times but I think in general I’m controlling it a lot better. Sleep is still an issue, but where I am oversleeping it’s only 12 hours. It’s better compared to the 16/18hours I had been experiencing.

So yeah, that’s it. As I say not a lot really going on. Hopefully next time we meet I’ll have something more interesting to say.


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